Tom, Ben and George are the 4th generation Youngs to call Sankence farm there home. George is back on the farm and learning the ropes off his Uncle Nick and Father William both of which have run the farm for the past 30 years.  The farm Is predominantly arable, growing cereals, sugar beet etc but we have always had a love for livestock.

We are all ‘foodies’ and as such want to produce the best quality pork possible. To do this we want to give all our animals the highest possible welfare and create our own extremely high welfare standards on the farm.

youngs farm produce pigs



The pigs are born in purpose built farrowing arcs which allows them to stay with their mothers for 8 weeks to fully benefit of her milk.


When the pigs teeth arrive they are weaned and moved into the woodland into family groups.


Staying in family groups they are then free to roam the woodland and enjoy their natural environment.


One fully grown they are tenderly dealt with by local butchers in Aylsham who are experts in the trade and create the perfect cuts of meat.


The meat is then carefully packed into insulated boxes and delivered within 1-2 working days.


Our sows live in a natural environment with an insulated farrowing arc for extra comfort in the warmth of the summer and cold of the winter.  They live outside the year round in plenty of space and in such a healthy and stimulating environment, they are very happy pigs, with their living space being hugely different from the industrial farmed pigs of modern farming techniques.

youngs farm produce pig pen
youngs farm produce woods


Our pigs are grown in the woods with a huge amount of space to roam freely. We fully encourage natural behaviour. Rooting around, snuffling about and general playing are all great signs that our pigs are living the best ‘natural and stress free’ life as possible.


When it comes to our pigs the tortoise and the hare story is our philosophy. Slowly grown pigs in big open areas with plenty of space to encourage natural behaviour mean that the pork has a much deeper flavour. This is due to the woodlands that the pigs roam picking up on acorns and chestnuts the flavours we believe develop in the meat.

The pigs are raised slowly in an open woodland to encourage natural behaviours, such as roaming and grazing which develops the flavours in the meat.

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